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The story of the Center for Vehicles of Croatia JSC [Centar za vozila Hrvatske d.d. (CVH)] began in 1971 when the Business Association of the Croatian Vehicle Inspection Stations and the Vehicle Roadworthiness Center - Zagreb were founded. This promoted Croatia to a group of few countries in Europe which carry out regular technical inspections of vehicles in an organised manner.

At that time, there were 46 vehicle inspection stations with 143 employees in Croatia, and they carried out a total of 282,043 regular technical inspections. In 1978, the Vehicle Roadworthiness Center was transformed into the Business Community for Vehicles Roadworthiness – the Center for Vehicles of Croatia which developed into the today's CVH, with registered seat in Capraška 6, Zagreb.

As benchmark for the control of vehicles' technical roadworthiness, CVH constantly stretches the limits of its business operations, from developing its organisational structure and innovative methods of work to training its employees, improving the equipment and other segments of its business.