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Dear Sir/Madam,

ever since it was founded, the Center for Vehicles of Croatia (CVH) has been synonymous with benchmark for technical inspections, testing and homologation of vehicles in Croatia. However, apart from being the authority in the broad domain of vehicles, CVH has surpassed its primary business activity over the years.

Investing in technological development, corporate social responsibility, employee training and connecting with leading institutions has enabled us to positively influence the safety of traffic participants, environmental protection, energy saving and human health.

We are proud to point out that we are part of the vehicle inspection system which today has more than 1600 employees at 159 locations across Croatia and that we actively participate within the framework of that system in the development of national, European and international standards of prominent Croatian and world organisations.

Our responsible and professional "drive" in the story of our success has allowed us to grow together with our employees, customers and other citizens, building a place of trust and security for drivers, associates and partners.

It is our greatest success and an additional incentive to continue in the same direction in order to make the whole society an even better and safer place for future generations.

Yours faithfully,

Goran Pejić
President of the Board of CVH