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The Vehicle Center of Croatia (CVH) has been in charge of vehicle technical inspection in the Republic of Croatia for almost 30 years. All stations for vehicle technical examination are part of the uniform vehicle technical examination system run by CVH. The Vehicle Center of Croatia takes care of education and training of employees of stations for vehicle technical examination (STP), furthermore, it checks their knowledge and skills, it provides maintenance and measurements for STP's devices and equipment, it introduces new technologies into the process of vehicle technical inspection etc.

Besides vehicle technical inspections, in stations for vehicle technical inspection, you can carry out all other activities necessary for the vehicles to take part in traffic, including mandatory vehicle insurance, payment of the yearly road fee as well as the environment fee, vehicle registration etc.

Some stations for vehicle technical inspection, besides their main line of business - vehicle technical inspection, provide other services as well, including inspection of reassembled, upgraded and specially constructed vehicles, inspection of vehicles transporting dangerous goods, inspection of vehicles for international transport, inspection of vehicles for public transportation that have to meet special requirements, inspection of vehicles for personal needs, vehicle homologization etc.

On these pages you can find information on all mandatory vehicle inspections in the Republic of Croatia, as well as instructions, explanations and legal information why these inspections are carried out.